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"Having worked with Gina Collier for the past 9 years, I found her to be talented, easy to work with, open-minded, and quick to grasp new concepts.  I have recommended clients and have sent training horses to her.  I hope to continue the mutually beneficial relationship for years to come."

My great mentor, the late Wolfgang May - German Bereiter



I'm an adult amateur in the truest sense of the word.  As a lawyer byday, my riding time is limited and sporadic.  Working with Gina has been great!  She is flexible and willing to find a time that works for me.  She is patient, knowing our progress is slower than people who ride more often, and she remains supportive through it all.  For the first time in several years, we are back in the show ring and enjoying it!  Gina has made riding fun again!

Rochelle Jozwiak



I have been riding with Gina for almost five years.  I adopted my mare, Chica, from a rescue on looks alone!  Well, we've all done it or thought about it.  I needed someone to help me and through a local magazine I found Gina.  Gina has taken a totally novice rider and horse to where we are now riding First Level.  In spite of my whining that I can't do it, somehow, she makes sure I can!  Most of all, Chica loves her!

Valerie Smith



I started training with Gina almost 9 years ago and she opened my eyes to the world of dressage.  I sometimes think it is the most difficult discipline because you work so hard for that moment of perfection.  But when it happens, it is an amazing feeling!  Gina's business is very unique in that she comes to you and teaches you how to train your horse in your environment.  Her students gain a great deal of self-confidence and become very good riders with safe horses.  She never loses her patience and all her client's horses love her!


If you like to show, she stays with you every step of the way and will guide you to the winner's circle.  My mare and I won the 2010 Schooling Show Championships Training and First Level.  Then at the 2011 USDF Region 9 Championships, we placed 8th in Second Level.  While my mare recovers from her surgery, I'm bringing along a new horse and we hope to begin showing this spring.  I know Gina will be there telling my horse he's great and me to relax!

Debora Botting



Working with Equestrian Training In Motion (Gina) has been a great experience.  She works with you where you are, to improve your riding to whatever your goals are for riding. Gina makes the lessons fun while also working on weaknesses and strengths of you and your horse.  Fancy and I have really improved since working with her.  I would truly recommend Gina to anyone.

Jennifer Godwin



It's been 10 months since I started riding with Gina.  It has been the best move I have made in my riding career!!  Not only is she the most pleasant trainer to ride with, she is amazing with the horses. 

I admittedly run out of patience and Gina does not!  I'm learning how to ride on my own and not depend on every step from instruction.  The techniques learned are tools that can be applied in every aspect of my riding. 

I am also appreciative that she will ride my horse when Im not able and also take them into training at her home.  Not having to trailer to the lessons is a huge bonus!!  Very appreciative of her ability to travel to my place to train.

Can't see my riding without her!!

Sara Manore



Gina started coming to Sonesta Farms to help a group of ladies become better, more confident riders.  We were all in a bit of a rut and she brought the life and fun back to riding while at the same time improving all of our skills.  Being a mother of a small child and working full time in a very demanding career, I was really worried that "my time" (riding) would get lost.  Gina has been wonderful and very understanding of these commitments.  Through her flexibility it is possible for me to continue to ride and progress.  Her enthusiasm for the sport is contagious and I am so thankful that she has become an addition to our barn.

Margaret Wise



Gina Collier of Equestrian Training In Motion is the best dressage trainer I have worked with in my 25+ years of riding.  She has an incredibily positive and helpful approach to training, and easily connects with the horses she trains.  No horse and rider combination is out of reach for her, which is extremely refreshing in today's dressage world.  In a few short months of training, my horse has moved up the levels and is a happier and more fit athlete.  Whether you are a weekend rider or a serious competitor, you will benefit greatly from Gina's professional, expert, and fun approach to dressage.  My horse and I are both so lucky to have ETM in our lives!"

Kacie Linegar