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Student Gallery


 Cheryl and Bella, Georgian Grand


Debora and Jack, Paint (photo by Simone Van Der Schalk)


Shelly and Trilogy, Georgian Grand


Pam and Disco, Knapstupper



Kacie and Sander, Friesian/TB


Sara and Red, TB


Valerie and Chica, Spanish Colonial Mustang


Debora and Kenya, TB/Paint


Tori and Peanut, Chincoteague pony


Lisa and Silvio, Fell Pony


Jennifer and Fancy, Hannovarian


Simone and Inkka, Oldenburg

Valerie and Spirit, Belgian/Paint


Dana and Brooke, Hanovarian/TB



Michelle and Sam, Paint/TB 



Jessica Davis and Confetti, Knabstupper (photo by Simone Van Der Schalk)